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Do Solar Panels Really Make an Environmental Impact?

There are vast amounts of studies and data on the effects of solar energy, but the simple answer is-yes! While you may not make a global impact, we have to start somewhere! Traditional energy comes from burning fossil fuels, emitting harmful gases into our...

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Is Switching to Solar Worth the Long Term Investment?

Simply put, yes, it’s worth it! An advantage we have in the southwest is that we see an average of 85% sunshine year round. This means more energy collected from your solar panels than most other states across the country, offering the potential to go 100% solar...

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Solar Panel Installation is Too Expensive

While this is a valid concern, prices have changed drastically over the years for solar installation. Only a decade ago, the average home would need to spend anywhere from $30,000-$60,000 on solar installation. Those installation prices can now be as low as $15,000....

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