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As the elections are about to be over, there is one issue that nine in ten Americans support regardless of their political persuasion. That is solar.

A new Pew Research Center survey finds that almost nine-in-ten U.S. adults (89%) favor expanding use of solar power, while only 9% oppose it. That sentiment bridges the partisan divide, with large majorities from across the political spectrum favoring more use of this alternative source.

The Pew Research Center report finds that nationally only 4% of homeowners have home solar panels. Many more homeowners – 40% – say that in the past year they have given serious thought to adding them.

Western homeowners are particularly likely to say they have already installed or are considering solar panels at home. Some 14% of homeowners in the West say they have installed solar panels at home. Another 52% of Western homeowners say they have considered installing home solar panels in the past year.

We would like to find what our friends in California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada think and share this information with legislators to get more solar friendly legislation passed out our communities.

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