Thinking about converting your home in Las Vegas or Henderson to solar?

We can help. The transition to solar energy if done properly can be simple and highly beneficial. Most can go solar even owning their system with no money out of pocket, all while enjoying wonderful savings and a number of other great benefits. Would you like to learn how you can benefit by converting to clean, renewable, solar energy?

Considering going solar in Las Vegas, Henderson or elsewhere in Southern Nevada? Radiant Solar would love an opportunity to serve you.

As a local leader, Radiant Solar with our respected team can help you understand the process of going solar and help you make the transition while capturing the greatest benefits. Converting your home to solar is a big decision. You want to do your homework and be properly prepared. We offer a free consultation so you can understand your options and if it turns out we can help, we’ll look forward to exceeding your expectations through installation and beyond.

The process of going solar can be simple. Here’s what our process looks like.

Free Initial Consultation

Solar systems vary as do loans, tax credits, rebates, leases, etc. The first order of business is having your home reviewed by a solar professional so they can set the proper expectations. The process is simple and provide for you, an understanding of all your options. If at that point, going solar is a good fit and making the transition makes sense, we’ll proceed how you see fit.

Survey and Engineering Review

If after speaking to our team, you decide it makes sense to learn more, we’ll complete a survey of your property to ensure you can make the transition to solar without complication. Once this is complete and we fully understand your property, we’ll be able to offer you a highly accurate proposal outlining the production of your system as well as the economics associated with it.

Installation and Interconnection

Assuming favorable details come back from engineering, we will be with you every step of the way, carrying the ball successfully through installation and beyond. Once your system is live and been given the go ahead to turn on by the utility company, we’ll continue to be right there with you as you acclimate to powering your home with clean, renewable energy.

We are here to help. Whether it's better understanding the available systems, the various programs to convert to solar, we will be a valuable partner throughout your solar journey.

For many, converting to clean, solar energy can have tremendous benefits. In other instances that may not be the case. Our solar professionals will walk with you down a path of preparation and education so the right questions are asked and research done so you know what your options are and can structure your transition to solar energy. We live in southern Nevada. This is our community. Exceeding your expectations isn’t just our goal but the only way we do business. Reach out today!

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