Can I really go solar with no money out of pocket?

With current incentives, rebates and programs it has become the standard to transition to solar with no money out of pocket. Throughout Las Vegas, Henderson and Southern Nevada people have made the transition without coming out of pocket and are immediately saving...

Leasing vs. Owning

Transitioning to solar and doing so in Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas can have major benefits. The answer to which financial vehicle will yield the most of them can vary from one circumstance to the next and this quick cheat sheet can hopefully help steer...

How does Net Metering work?

A really important aspect of going solar, is understanding and being able to benefit from favorable net metering terms. Net metering is essentially the exchange rate you get from your utility company from the energy you create that goes back into the grid...

Can we prepare for you a free proposal?

The transition to solar can be amazing! We are beyond willing to provide you with a free quote outlining everything you'll want to know. 

Expect a response shortly and have a wonderful day!

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