Some go solar for the environment, others go solar to save money

Transitioning your home to solar can offer you tremendous economic benefits in addition to greater levels of control and protection from rising utility costs. Below we’ve included some important topics you’ll want to consider when learning about your solar options

Learn about the benefits of going solar.

What does it cost? How much can I save? What types of incentives do I get? Will solar impact my home’s value? The economic benefits of solar can impact in multiple areas. Let’s learn more.

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How much does it cost?

The answer to this question will vary based on your systems size, components and integrated features. Additionally, whether you lease or own your system will also play a role in the answer to this question. On the ownership side whether your system is just a few thousand or more, flexible financing and lease options allow most to make the transition with no money down and fixed monthly payments comparable to your monthly utility bill. To learn specifically what it would cost you is easy. Our solar team will utilize the most sophisticated technology available to provide you with a clear proposal outlining everything you’ll need to know, including the costs. Best of all, the consultation is free. Learn More.

How much can I save?

The savings of solar can be significant. Not only can you realize immediate savings but the savings and benefits compound over time leading to substantial long term cost benefits. When we compare the costs of solar to the rising rates of utility companies, the savings realized could be well into the 10s of thousands of dollars or even more over the course of the life of the system. Savings are calculated in many ways but when considering incentives, tax credits and possible home value appreciation, your best bet is to meet with a solar consultant who can help with specifics. Just know that tax credits, rebates and other incentives are rapidly changing so if you want to capture the highest level of benefits, reach out today.

What types of incentives are available?

Currently in Southern Nevada you can capture a great combination of incentives that include tax credits and rebates. We advise consulting with your financial professional for specifics on your individual situation. The Federal Government currently offers a 30% tax credit for those who qualify. Nevada Energy offers a rebate which for most is worth thousands of dollars. With tax credits and rebates, the costs associated with going solar can be dramatically reduced. That coupled with the ability to go solar with no money down create a very incentive rich opportunity. To learn what you should expect, reach out today so we can look at your home, understand your goals and provide you concrete numbers of what going solar will look like for you. Let’s get the numbers.

Will solar impact my homes value?

The answer to this question is often debated but one thing we know for sure is there are an increasing amount of comprehensive studies that support increased property value. Many studies indicate 3-5k per kW. We encourage people to do their research. We are confident you’ll learn that solar adds value in many areas. One thing is certain, is that we are one of the original installers in Southern Nevada and have customers throughout the valley. There are no shortage of success stories here in Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas to support the above. Click here for a FREE consultation.


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