With current incentives, rebates and programs it has become the standard to transition to solar with no money out of pocket. Throughout Las Vegas, Henderson and Southern Nevada people have made the transition without coming out of pocket and are immediately saving money.

You can go solar both purchasing your system or leasing it with no money out of pocket.

Leasing is very straight forward. The solar company gives you a projection of how much energy a system on your home will produce (even guaranteeing it in most cases) and you agree to buy that energy for a flat monthly rate. The solar company incurs the cost of the system, permitting, even installation. You just pay your predictable bill for clean energy and total transparency as to what you’re bill will be even 15 years into the future.

Although technically different, purchasing a system has evolved to be just as easy as the above.

The loans have very fair qualifications and require no down payment. All costs for installation, permitting, etc are included in your price. You just pay your fixed monthly payment until the system has been paid off.

Going solar in Southern Nevada and really anywhere has never been easier or had the benefits it currently does.

Do to recent political changes, expiring tax credits and diminishing net metering values, the transition to solar will inevitably change. For now though going solar with zero money out of pocket with a simple and painless transition is the order of the day.

Radiant Solar has the most experienced team of local professionals that understand solar and southern Nevada, who are standing by to help and would love an opportunity to serve.

If you’d like to learn more and even get a free quote as to what benefits you could capture by transitioning your home to solar, please give us a call today.