Rooftop solar is under attack in Nevada

A new report published this week shows that Nevada’s solar rate increase is crushing the rooftop solar industry and cost Nevada over 2,500 jobs. But there is one solar company that knows the sun is still shining brightly on Nevada solar.

In 2016, the state legislature crippled the solar industry and dashed many resident’s dreams to escape Nevada’s utility monopoly and start saving money on their energy bill. A rate hike targeting solar customers made pulling solar energy back out of the grid much more expensive, energy which solar owners produced using their own rooftop panels. This led industry giants, like SolarCity and Sunrun, to flee the Nevada market and left many potential customers writing off solar as a nonviable option. On top of that, Nevada’s Public Utilities Commission plans to completely phase out net-metering (paying solar customers for the extra power they produce) in the future. However, Radiant Solar, Nevada’s fastest growing integrated residential solar company, isn’t batting an eye at the declining rates. They know that solar is not dead in Nevada.

Solar is not dead in Nevada

Getting net-metering back may never be possible, but who needs net-metering anyway? Previously, excess energy produced by solar panels was fed into the grid, then sold back to solar owners at a reduced price when they needed to pull energy out of the grid (i.e. evenings and stormy days). But what if Nevadans had a way to store the energy they produce right in their own homes? Radiant Solar has teamed up with the world’s number one producer of solar batteries to give you the solution you need to go solar today. Introducing the Sonnen Battery, winner of the Zayed Future Energy Prize from the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, with over 15,000 installs worldwide, this is a battery you can depend on. Now, instead of buying energy back from the utility giants, the energy that you produce is energy you keep. No net-metering? No problem. There’s never been a better time to go solar in Nevada.

This ain’t no Duracell

The Sonnen Battery is the equivalent of a declaration of energy independence for your home. Most people use high amounts of electricity in the mornings and the evenings, while solar panels produce most of their power during mid-day. The Sonnen battery stores the excess power you create during the day so you can use it in the evenings when electricity costs tend to be highest. The battery can produce enough to keep your home running all night on the energy you store during the day. No need for net-metering, no need for local energy monopolies. So, Nevadans, are you ready to declare your energy independence?