On Monday, legislators in Carson City discussed a new bill to restore net metering for solar.

Assemblyman Justin Watkins said “I understand that this is a heavy lift, but I think the policy here is one of the most important policy decisions we’ll be making in this session,” Watkins said. “It impacts our economy, it impacts our environment, it puts people to work immediately, and I will spend as much time as is necessary to meet with everybody, all stakeholders on all sides, to ensure that we get it right.”

As you may know, net metering changes in Nevada in 2015 prompted a downturn in the state’s solar industry causing many solar companies to leave the state. Radiant Solar Solutions was one of very few that remained. Upon amendment, retail rates for net metering and rooftop solar would return to Nevadans causing a huge increase in demand for solar, and potentially causing many of the companies that left to return.

Another exciting proposal came from Tesla who wants to have a variable rate schedule for energy storage in densely populated areas. As the exclusive provider of the sonnenBatterie, Radiant Solar Solutions is ecstatic with this proposal from Tesla. Being one of the premier energy storage providers in the world with over 15,000 sonnenBatterie installations, along with our dedication to Nevada residents; Radiant Solar Solutions is apt to dominate the Nevada market in energy storage installations.

To read more about Monday’s developments, see Lawmakers consider restoring net metering for Nevada solar customers first published in the Las Vegas Sun.

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