Nevada Solar Talk with Radiant Solar

J: Good evening and thank you for joining us again at Radiant Solar Solutions of Nevada. My name is Joe, I’m joined here by Ivan in the studio.

I: Hey Joe, how’s it going?

J: Good, thank you. We got a lot of good feedback from our show last week, had a couple of emails. Last week we spoke about Sonnen battery and how it is the ultimate storage for your on or off-grid living. Ivan, at Radiant Solar Solutions, you guys are suggesting to residents of Nevada who live on-grid, there only option is NV energy, you’re suggesting that the way to offset their energy most efficiently is with a solar and battery storage combination, is that correct?

I: Ya, of course, we want to let people know that Solar is completely available to you here in Nevada. It’s not illegal, it’s a completely viable option and it makes a whole lot of sense for two reasons: the amount of sunlight here in Nevada, and the cost of actually going with solar and battery storage is actually a much more affordable price than most customers must think.

J: Ya, we certainly have a lot of sunshine, and southern Nevada has the highest solar irradiance in the Northern Hemisphere, in fact the only places to beat us on the planet are Northern Australia and the Sahara Desert, so it certainly makes a lot of sense to go solar for that reason. What kind of photovoltaic panels are you guys suggesting people use?

I: We’re going to use Hanwha Q cells.

J: Now, Is that a Southeast Asian panel, Southeast Asian manufacturer?

I: No, actually they’re a German manufactured panel, and they won the award last year for the best polycrystalline solar module on the market, and they have done so for the past four years running.

J: The reason I asked about being Southeast Asian is there have been a lot of companies that have set up, and given these 30 year warranties with their panels, and then they only last 5 years and close down. So, is this a bankable company that’s going to be around? What’s the warranty on them and are they going to be around long enough to adhere to that warranty?

I: Ya, Hanwha is a great company. They’ve been around since 1999 and they’ve been a leader in the industry since 1999. Like I’ve said, they’ve been awarded more than pretty much every other polycrystalline solar module on the market. And, their warranty is top tier, of all panels out there, it’s really one of the best warranties you can see on the market. We are really proud to deliver tham here at Radiant Solar Solutions of Nevada. And for all the listeners out there, you need to call in to us with all of your questions covering all of the products that we are covering today, or any questions about our show, any questions for Joe or myself, Ivan. Call us at 1-800-231-7120, email us at You can also check us out on our website,

J: Just going back to those panels for a second, the Hanwha Q panels that you mentioned, how are they going to perform in extreme temperatures like we get in southern Nevada? We get easily over a hundred degrees here, how do they perform in those kind of temperatures?

I: Ya, so the permitted module temperature on a continuous duty is within a negative 40 degree Fahrenheit temperature range, all the way up to 185 degree Fahrenheit temperature range. So, these panels perform very well in very high temperatures, and that is specifically why we’ve decided to go with this module. Other modules you’ll find that they have terrible problems from what’s referred to as sunlight degradation.

I: So, degradation, it’s like buying an HDTV at 1020 and you get home and watch it for a month and suddenly its 720 or whatever, right? So, what is the degradation like on these panels?

J: These panels do experience sunlight degradation, but they produce at least 97% of the nominal power during the 1st year. After that, it is .6% degradation per year. So, your talking at least 92% of the nominal power output of all the panels by 10 year’s time.

I: Wow.

J: For 25 years, you’re looking at at least 83% of nominal power and it’s not a step-down type warranty, like your traditional solar manufactures, it’s linear. Each year its based upon that .6 degradation, and for a panel to be performing 83% of what it was 25 years ago is astounding.

J: Ya, that’s pretty amazing. That’s a pretty amazing warranty. Because of these high temperatures now, I’m assuming there is going to be some kind of inverter, do you use a micro inverter or a string inverter? I know some of those inverters don’t work very well in high temperatures. So, how do you avoid that issue?

I: Right, at Radiant Solar Solutions of Nevada, we are using Solar Edge inverters and Solar Edge inverters are a great product for this market because of the high temperatures you see here in Nevada. And the best part about Solar Edge inverters is that they allow you to operate somewhat like a micro inverter in system, but on a sting inverter platform.

J: So, if a leaf falls on one panel or a cloud comes on one panel, the whole string is not going to go out right?

I: Exactly, so we are allowed to control each panel individually, do cloud based monitoring, so that way, at Radiant Solar Solutions, we can monitor all the panels that we install on ever person’s roof individually and if we ever see an issue, typically we know before any of the customers do.

J: Any questions, call us at 1-800-231-7120. Email your questions into us at Our website is With regards to the inverters, what kind of warranty are you providing for the inverters?

I:The standard warranty on the inverters is a 12 year, you can extend it up to 25 years from the manufactures. The power optimizers, you get one power optimizer for each panel you get with your system and those come with a 25 year warranty as well.

J: What kind of panel size is being used, 280s?

I: Ya, we use the polycrystalline solar module, the 280 Q+ modules.

J: So, 280 Q+, Hanwha, solar edge, power optimizer, the single phase inverter as well, and this is all feeding into the battery storage that we were discussing last week I’m assuming? The Sonnen Battery?

I: Yes, Radiant Solar Solutions is the exclusive dealer for the Sonnen Battery and we pair it with all of our solar systems using the products we were mentioning. The Hanwha Q cells, the solar edge inverter system along with the Sonnen battery.

J: Now, the battery doesn’t have to be fed by solar. This is just what we are recommending for residents in Nevada, people living off-grid. This is a great solution for your off or on-grid living.

I: Right, and the big part about this too is the fact that we can still take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit that’s available to all home owners who want to go solar.

J: I remember you mentioned about an article you’d seen on the Daily Caller about last year was it, Ivan?

I: Ya, there was an article that was put out, I think it was in the Daily Caller, written by Michael Bastasch and he was talking about how the utility earned over 713 million dollars in net operating income last year. This was back in 2013, that was a 27% increase from the previous.

J: Ya, utility companies, especially as there is only one out here, they really do have you by the short and curlies and they are able to kind of dictate what rate schedule they want. So even after the rate schedule that they introduced last January, this solar and energy storage solution, that we’ve just been discussing, that is going to apply to people who are on NV energy and are dealing with these rate hikes, right?

I: At Radiant Solar Solutions of Nevada that’s why we use the top tier products such as the Hanwha Q cells that we mentioned before. And that’s because they can provide low electricity generation costs and that’s because of their high efficiency. Those panels earned a 17.1% efficiency rating last year.

J: Wow.

I: That means less panels, more power per panel, and more output with the amount of exposure here that we have in Nevada with the sunlight, the amount of power produced by the panels is truly astounding.

J: And so that power output, that’s what feeds into the battery, the Sonnen Battery product that you were talking about before correct?

I: That’s correct and we are the exclusive dealer for the Sonnen battery here in Nevada, and it’s really the heart and soul of power in your home, once we install it in your house in combination with the Hanwha Q cells and the solar edge inverter product.

J: So, what you’re basically doing, and we’ve seen this in a lot of other markets, it’s something quite new to Southern Nevada, but what you are basically doing is peak shaving, is that correct?

I: Ya, that’s correct Joe, every house is different, but many home share a similar energy profile, and peak demand typically occurs early in the morning and later in the evening, but solar generation occurs typically at midday. We take advantage of that peak production of solar and store it in the battery and that reduces the amount of energy that could potentially come from the grid on the peak demand times. That is when the price of electricity is typically highest with the utility companies, that is how we can really reduce our costs of owning a home, by reducing our costs on our electricity bills with the solar and battery products.

J: Call Radiant Solar Solutions of Nevada today for your questions. 1-800-231-7120. You can email us at and visit our website for more information, Let’s see how we can apply this technology to your home and claim your energy independence.

I: Yup, and last week, we had one of our listeners call in asking if our systems work in RVs. This is for a residential home. So, this system is not designed to be transported on RVs or anything like that. This battery is designed to power your home, this is a residential power plant, producing 240 volts AC.

J: Okay, Ivan, so what are the capabilities and limitations of a peak shaving system.

I: A peak shaving system is capable of providing the customer with a complete solar powered generation system with storage. So it’s an uninterrupted power supply. If the event of the grid was to fail, you will continue to have power, you don’t have to worry about the lights going out. The system’s going to continue to run your home and if there is sunlight out, you have PV production to count on, and if it is the night time, you have hopefully back up power in your battery, and if the grid is running, typically you have complete access to that at any period of time, and our systems are designed to power your home as if you were to live in normal conditions.

J: You know, lights, microwaves, fine. But, the biggest load in my house is defiantly the air conditioning system or my girlfriend’s curling irons. Is this going to be able to kick on our air conditioner if the system is down and provide us with cold air?

I: Ya, that is going to be model specific. We do have modules that can definitely power ac units, but on the smaller modules, we aren’t going to want to back up the ac unit or anything like that because you want to focus on things that are very important, such as the fridge, we want to back up the freezers, we want to back up lighting, communications is important, so we try to backup any Wi-Fi communications. We want to back up the essentials of life. The system isn’t designed to completely power AC units unless it is under specific custom design, which it is capable of doing.

J: So, call us today, for your custom design, we can tailor make one of these systems to your demands, 1-800-231-7120, Email us your questions, we can create one of these systems whether you are living on or off-grid, whether your wife complains about air conditioning in the summer or not. Give us a call, ask us the questions, we can tailor make a system for your specific energy demands.

I: Ya, and I want to just add that a lot of the listeners just ask us, why the energy storage? I think that there are 5 reasons why I feel that energy storage is so important.

  1. You need energy storage if you want to reduce your energy costs.
  2. If you are experiencing power outages often
  3. If you want a reliable power source off-grid
  4. When you want to be prepared against natural disasters
  5. And if your utility provider, and this is specific to here in Nevada, if your utility provider is making it hard for you to go solar.

J: This is your answer.

I: This is your answer! The solar market is still alive in Nevada, and like I said, we are using the Hanwha Q cells, they are a top tier product, they don’t just promise reliability. They deliver it, the facts are simply stated, out of 3.1 million crystalline solar modules produced since 2010, only 77 modules were subject to a failure based claim. Those are facts directly form Hanwha Q cells. These panels, they don’t fail! I’ve installed so many of these in Nevada over the past 5 years here. You’ve been here longer, haven’t you?

J: I’ve been in the valley since 2001 and doing this since 2008 and I tell you, this is what we’ve all been waiting for. You can harvest free energy from the sun using this Hanwha Q cell technology, photovoltaics, you can store it in the Sonnen battery, you can use it to power your home when you like, if you have an electric car you can power your electric car when you like. This is the solution we’ve been waiting for since the 1960s when we first started harvesting our own energy from the sun and wind and other things. We could always do that, we just didn’t have a place to put it. Now, with this lithium ion phosphate technology, the Sonnen battery, the Hanwha Q cells, and the inverters that you are proposing as well, I really do think it is the be all and end all for energy production and storage for this part of the world.

I: Ya and that’s exclusive to Radiant Solar Solutions of Nevada, and any listeners just coming in, you want to get a hold of Radiant Solar Solutions and hear more about the products or any information that you have, inquiries about renewable energy, rates with NV energy, or even rates as far as net-metering with solar alone, call us at 1-800-231-7120, email us at, check out our website, and check out the battery website at

J: Well, that wraps up another fantastic 30 minutes from us on AM 720, KDAWN. Join us every Saturday night from 7 to 7:30, Radiant Solar Solutions of Nevada, Joe and Ivan here will be with you on Saturday evenings, talking about energy independence, energy storage and just the facts of life. Give us a call, 1-800-231-7120,, visit our website, and next week, I think we’re going to have a couple of guests on for you guys and we are going to be talking more about renewable energy, how it affects property prices and some other interesting things. Ivan, thank you so much for coming in and spending some time with us this evening.

I: Ya, thanks for having me Joe, and you know, I just wanted to let you know, there are some home shows coming up.

J: Please join us, we’ve got a couple shows coming up at the end of the month, we’d love for you guys to come down and take a look at some of this technology first hand, join us at the Western Trails Gun Show January 21st and 22nd at the East Side Cannery. We are also at the Winter Home Improvement expo at the Cashman Center in Hall B. Friday to Sunday on the 27th to the 29th of January.

I: Ya, I just want to thank everyone for listening in tonight, Radiant Solar Solutions, we are really proud to be sponsoring this show. We are going to be on every Saturday night from 7 to 7:30 PM AM720, KDAWN. We’re sponsoring the entire show for the whole year, so we are looking forward to reaching out to any potential listener who is looking to gain information on solar-related products and battery storage for your home or commercial, we want to get you covered.

J: Email those questions in,, 1-800-231-7120, have a fantastic week guys and we will see you next weekend! Nevada’s contractor’s license 45140.