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J: Yes, good evening ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a lot of hot topics to talk to you about tonight, a lot of things to cover, so we’re just going to start steam-rolling right into it. Ivan, what’s been going on this week with solar, PV and batteries in the market?

I: Well, there has been a lot of good news coming out of California with Sonnen Battery. What’s going on right now, is GE has invested millions of dollars with Sonnen Battery in hopes to develop even more technology in the lithium iron phosphate storage industry.

J: Amazing, you know if GE is investing in it, it must be a solid investment, those aren’t the type of guys that just throw money around at penny stocks and such.

I: Ya, if you remember, GE was actually started with Thomas Edison and JP Morgan, as one of the first electrical companies in the United States, and actually, JP Morgan’s house was the first electrically powered home in the United States, wired by Thomas Edison himself.

J: And this kind of confidence coming out of a company like this, we’ve already seen a flurry of executives from sales and marketing and engineers coming over from other companies, like Tesla, over to Sonnen. So, this is just another major company giving a vote of confidence to what we think is the solution that we’ve all been waiting for. Is that correct Ivan?

I: Ya, and Sonnen has done a great job off staying ahead of all of Tesla’s models that have come out, as far as pricing, as far as safety ratings and capabilities.

J: And installs, right?

I: Ya, there are already probably 15,000 installs world-wide that are already up and operating. People depend on these things every day, this battery is deigned to run 24/7, 365 days a year.

J: But, all Tesla is really talking about doing, well the only thing we’ve seen on the website, and that their putting out there is this power-wall job, but that’s not enough to offset a home, or certainly back one up off grid.

I: Ya, just so everyone knows, Sonnen Battery is coming out with their Eco Compact series, which is a wall mounted version of the Sonnen Eco series that we’ve been talking about so much on the show.  Echo compact, it’s a new solar energy storage system from Sonnen, it is a fully integrated smart energy management system for the entire house and this is great for self-generated solar consumption and minimizing the expense of peak electricity usage. The starting prices for the 4 kWh modules come in at under $6,000, so we are really excited to have that product coming available, and that is going to be an ideal target market for somebody who has under $150 a month power bill, and is dealing with storage issues, like they don’t have a garage to put the battery in.

J: Sonnen is coming out with this when?

I: They’ll be coming out with it here at the beginning of the summer of 2017.

J: Fantastic.

I: So, we are really excited to see it on the market, and like I said it is coming along with the same 10,000 cycle warranty that they have on their standard Echo Series batteries.

J: Unlike other companies, they definitely seem to be doing installs, putting products to market that they are saying they’re working on, definitely a company that is moving forward, and now with this funding from GE, I hope to see leaps and bounds coming out from the engineering department.

I: Ya, and in 2017 in January, Sonnen battery was awarded the Zayed Future Energy Prize. That’s a huge deal, it was at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. We are really excited that Sonnen battery is capable of achieving that award and capture the gold there.

J: Any questions, call Radiant Solar Solutions of Nevada, any questions please call 1-800-231-7120. You can email us your questions at is our website should you want to go on there and check out any of our videos. We’ve got a couple of cool short videos that explain the technology really simply and effectively.

I: Ya, and we’ve got some great drone videos that show aerial shots of the solar we’ve installed, throughout some of the area here in Las Vegas and Henderson. So, Joe, this weekend, we were at the home show and we had a customer come to the booth there and they were asking, what does the battery do for property values? And I know you did some research for that customer. I’m just kind of curious, what did you find.

J: Well, I just did a little bit of googling, I really wouldn’t call it research as such, but because the battery spits out 240 volts, it is very much considered a whole home backup generator and it falls into a different kind of category than just PV would. Photovoltaics does of course increase the value of the home, but because your whole home could run off this Sonnen battery product, like I said it is a whole different ball game. The national average is, I looked on Zillow, and the national averages showed that it appraised the same as a fitted kitchen, which is about 60% of the purchase value. Now if you consider that there is a 30% federal tax credit and you’re getting 60% back, if that’s true, then your exposure is only 10% on one of these systems.

I: Right, and realistically, that total cost that you are looking at for the cost of the system there would be so small that the system pays for itself in under 5 years at that point, I would assume.

J: Well, at that point it does. Typically, in the market it is under 10 years conservatively. But if you’re getting 60% back off the resale, and 30% off the federal government, then it does make you wonder what your exposure is over the time you are living in the home. But that is just with the battery product, and, like I said, that was on Zillow. You had a study from Berkeley, did you Ivan, about PV?

I: Ya, there was a study done a while back, and it was in 2015, about what does a home sale value do when you have PV solar systems installed. It was a Berkeley laboratory, and it was in conjunction with the U.S Department of Energy and they also had a couple of other universities along with some appraisers form California. They took a look at sales throughout multiple different states, over 22,000 home sales were analyzed and they found, from about 1999 to 2013, if there was solar on the roof, the house sold for about $15,000 more than it typically would without.

J: Ya, and I think, having solar and especially with a battery product as well, in this kind of market, like you get in Southern Nevada, Las Vegas area, where there is just one utility company and they are really penalizing people for going solar, so for a home owner to step into this market from another state, it is really, kind of an alien entity in the U.S. To have solar on your home and a battery system and to be a little bit more independent of that monopoly that is out there is appealing to customers that are coming into the market, and you will find that when you have PV and battery in your home, you get a different breed of people coming to look at your house. They’re people that are interested, they are serious buyers, they are looking at the home because it doesn’t come with an energy bill. So, it does add a lot of value to your home and it adds a whole new market to it as well.

I: Right, and the fact that you can live off just sunlight, sorted in the battery, it requires no maintenance, is just mind-boggling. That you can live that way, off of sunlight now, and not have to worry about checking your batteries, checking the water level, anything. It’s safe, it installs in the house and it does all the work for you, it can even turn on your washing machine for you.

J: Everybody that comes to Las Vegas, looks around and they all say the same thing. Why doesn’t everybody have solar here? and it’s just because of the finance side of things. It has to do with the local utility company, it has to do with finance.

I: Right, and the great thing is that when you have Sonnen battery installed, should the utility grid change things in regards to the rates and the rates become extremely unbearable, but they still have time of use options, you can always take advantage of rate arbitrage, and that allows you to store energy when its cheap, and that allows you to run your home off the battery when the rates go up. And that is the beautiful thing about the battery, that it can do anything it needs to do to help save you money.

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I: That’s Nevada contractor’s license 77638.

J: So, we don’t just want to offset your energy bill 100%, we want to make your home more energy efficient. We’ve got a really great way of helping you do that, and it’s with the Ecobee, smart thermostat. Ivan, can you tell us a little bit about that thermostat please?

I: Ya, so we are using the EcoBee3 thermostats to help reduce your cost of heating and cooling in your house. These are smart WiFi programmable thermostats, and they have available room sensors, that way you can monitor individual rooms, in addition to where the thermostat is located. There’s a lot of advantages to that, and its completely programmable. We like it because it allows for you to have the ability to automatically turn on and off the AC and heater units when you leave the room, because it has room sensors in it. If it notices that there’s no body present in the house, it will automatically do that for you.

J: I think everybody has, in their home, one room that is warmer or cooler than the others or one that is less frequented. You’re saying this captures that behavior and monitors that for you?

I: Absolutely, and then the other benefit to this is that it is hooked up, monitoring the weather. And weather is really important because you have to realize that the solar panels will be somewhat affected by clouding and rain, and if that is the case, we need the house to know what is going on with the weather. If it is in the summer, the price of electricity doesn’t change just because the clouds come, and we need to prepare the home for that and what we do is, if your PV production is going to be low, we need to take advantage of that rate arbitrage like we talked about. So, the battery automatically, in conjunction with the thermostat, with your inverter and with your solar system, it can completely compensate for things like weather, storms, natural disasters. Your home is bullet proof.

J; That’s a truly hybrid combination. Talking of weather issues Ivan, wasn’t there a customer recently that was added to the Sonnen website that was having some issues up in Idaho or someplace like that, the power going out…?

I: Ya, there’s another success story with Sonnen battery! There was customer, Jean Odmark, an 81 year old resident of McCal ,Idaho, and she was wanting to keep the power on during storms that she was experiencing and getting power outages. And the battery and the solar system were capable of powering her home during those power outages 24/7. And that’s the remarkable thing with this battery, it allows you to be capable of powering your home with solar, even in adverse weather conditions.

J: And that’s great for people, not just if you need to keep the lights on, or want to keep the heating going, but if you have some kind of oxygen machine, or some kind of medical equipment that needs to keep running. This is uninterrupted power, backup power, uninterrupted, able to easily kick up an air conditioning unit, 240 volts it spits out, AC.

I: Ya, and on our show we focus a lot on Nevada, but we also have service areas in 4 different markets. We are in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Utah currently. So, any customer in any of these regions, looking to get solar and battery installed on their house or looking to learn more about energy efficiency products, they can reach out to us, check us out., email us at, call us at 1-800-231-7120.

J: Or check out our Facebook page, Radiant Solar Solutions.

I: We have a great Facebook page, our website has some great drone photography of installations currently here in Nevada, as well as some success stories about the Sonnen battery. Joe, tell me about what is going on with Radiant Solar Solutions. What’s going on this weekend, do you guys have any shows coming up? Can someone come check out this battery on demo?

J: Ya, we’ve got a great demo version of the battery, it comes with flashing lights and everything. We’ll be showing it off this weekend at the Cashman Center. You can come and visit us there on the 4th and 5th of February. We’re also going to be at the Home Show coming up at the end of the month at the South Point Casino on south Las Vegas Blvd. We’ll be there on the 24th, 25th and 26th of February, all weekend long.

I: Ya, we’ll be demoing the battery, and we are capable of producing proposals on location. So, if there is a customer out there who wants to come check us out, look at the battery and if you like what you see and you want to know some pricing we’ll be able to give that to you right there at the show.

J: Talking of home shows, you spoke to a lady at the public utility commission. I didn’t realize they were still around, but what did she say?

I: Ya, so I got to asking her about the recent bill that passed on the legislation that we just had and it was in regards to deregulating the energy grid. And I had done some research on the California market when they deregulated, as well as Texas and New Jersey, and asked what her thoughts were. She said, statically, on a deregulated energy grid we look at about a 30% increase to all the customers as far as their cost of electricity. That concerned me because, with that being said, the price of electricity has already been doubling over the past 15 years, to see another 30% increase would be extremely hard for a lot of citizens. I know me personally, that would strike me really hard.

J: A lot of people got struck hard with that decision last year in Las Vegas area. People who had leasing systems were mostly affected. Some people I know had panels put on their roofs, an array put on their roof, inverters on the side of their homes, and then the company went bust before NV Energy could come out to switch them over, so they’re not paying a solar bill at the moment, they are just carrying on paying their NV Energy bill, but they have an array on the house. This battery is perfect for them, isn’t it? They could get a free array if they just bought one of these batteries.

I: Ya, absolutely, I don’t see any reason why  we can’t come out, use the equipment that is just sitting on their roof doing nothing, hook it up to our battery system and then give them the solution they’ve been looking for.

J: Off grid, on grid, this battery solution combined with solar is a perfect solution and please give us a call, shoot us an email, there are so many hybrid solutions that we could come up with. Everybody is different, everyone has a different energy problem. People use different amounts of energy, everybody is different, so it is not one shoe fits every size. And this battery gives you the capability to be flexible and use a generator and PV combination if you’re out in rural Arizona somewhere, or off the gird.

I: And the best part, is it saves you money, right Joe?

J: Ya, exactly.

I: That’s why we do it, that’s why we’re here, so give us a call 1-800-231-7120, email us,, book an appointment, have one of our representatives come out, take a look at your property, give you an estimate as far as how much money you can save by going solar and battery.

J: Thank you so much for joining us for this last 30 minutes. Please have a great evening, safe weekend. We hope to see you at the gun show at the Cashman center this weekend in Las Vegas.

I: Ya Joe, thanks for being on the show with me too. I want to thank you, I want to thank the listeners for listening to us tonight. I want to thank everyone that called in and I want to thank everyone that emailed. We’ve been getting a lot of calls and a lot of emails from everyone, so keep sending us your calls, keep sending us your emails. 1-800-231-7120,, that’s Nevada contractor’s license 77638. Radiant Solar Solutions of Nevada, Nevada contractor’s license 77638, visit us at Give us a call at 1-800-231-7120, and visit us or email us at