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Nevada Solar

We are partial to Nevada Solar as we call Henderson, NV our home. We have over 30 years experience in the construction, electrical and solar industries. We serve not only Henderson residents but all of Las Vegas, Pahrump and it’s surrounding areas.

The solar industry has had a tough road here in Nevada.

Las Vegas has been attempting to move far from fossil-fuels, especially natural gas, for almost 10 years now. In 2006, the city started a climate protection agreement, involving lowering the city’s greenhouse emissions by 70% of levels during the 1990s. Las Vegas soon began investing in solar energy to speed up the process. Solar continued to grow until last year, when Nevada lawmakers decided to impose a stricter tax on solar energy customers, seemingly putting a halt to the solar market for a lot of other companies. Despite state legislation, solar continues in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas due to companies like Radiant Solar Solutions.


Radiant sets itself apart by teaming up with battery providers to give home owners in Nevada the ability to be energy independent, and in most cases, without the need of net metering.

Radiant Solar Solutions holds an A+ rating with the local BBB and contuse to serve the Southern Nevada Valley. Helping Nevada residents make the switch to Solar.

At Radiant Solar Solutions, we are a growing company that honestly cares about our customers. Our team not only helps you decide if solar is right for you and custom designs your system to your needs. When our customers go solar, they feel confident in their decision and are as excited about the project as we are. We are one of the leading solar companies in the southwest with over 200+ installations in Nevada alone.

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