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We’ll work with you every step of the way, guiding you through the process so you end up with the perfect solar system that will provide you reliable service and value, long into the future.

Learn what matters when selecting a solar system

What do you need to know when deciding on your new solar system? Below we’ll touch on some important topics you’ll want to keep in mind when designing your system. Let’s get educated and design the perfect system for you that will provide you the absolute highest level of value.

The entire team performance was second to none. The Radiant Solar company is the best I have seen within the past two years. I have seen some houses in the neighborhood with solar supports on the roof for over a year with no work being done. Radiant Solar starts the work and ensures its completed in a quick and professional manner. Many thanks for great service and support. I highly recommend this company for solar projects. Tony W

Las Vegas, NV

What's important when choosing a solar panel?

With the increase in demand for solar panels in recent years, there has never been so many options available to consumers.  You’ll commonly see a solar system referred to as a PV system which stands for Photovoltaic. Under the Photovoltaic hat there are two common varieties. You’ll see panels that are “Monocrystalline” and you’ll see panels that are “Polycrystalline”. The terms refer to the cells within the panels. Once you’ve met with a solar professional we can determine which panels will provide you with the most value. Schedule FREE consultation.

Why is a high quality inverter so important?

Inverters are a critical part of your solar infrastructure. It is the device that takes the direct current (DC) energy that your panels are absorbing from the sun and converts it to the usable alternating current (AC) energy that powers your home. Some systems function with a micro-inverter secured to each panel. Others have a centralized inverter that manages power, often referred to as a string inverter. In addition, there are hybrid inverters that offer functions unique to certain circumstances. Our solar professionals after measuring the available sun light your system will capture, can provide you further details on options that will work best for your home. Learn More.

Will the racking system look good and protect my roof?

Along with the wide variety of panels now available, there is also a wide variety of racking systems to consider. The racking system is what secures the solar system to your home. Considering it will be bolted to the structure you must consider how it attaches, how it maintains a water tight seal once secured and how it effects your homes appearance.  This is an all to commonly overlooked topic and one that can make you love your system when you drive up to your home or one that will make you wish you did more research when designing your system. Our solar professionals understand these variables and will walk you through the options making sure you get the strongest system that offers your home the highest level of protection while yielding the most positive aesthetic impact. Get Quote.

What do I need to know about warranties?

Warranties are important. Fortunately solar systems are incredibly reliable. Considering the magnitude of the investment, your warranty isn’t something that should be overlooked. Common warranties can range from 10 to 20 to 30 or even more years. In addition to warranties are production and performance guarantees. These commitments by your solar provider ensure you and your system are protected for the long term. Our solar team understands these important variables and will work with you to ensure your new solar systems comes with protections to give you peace of mind for decades to come. Click here for free consultation.

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